Hello and thanks for checking out the powerful tool of EFT/Tapping. The first video talks about WHY EFT is so powerful -- a bit about HOW such a SIMPLE TECHNIQUE can be SO EFFECTIVE! And the second video shows you how to get started! ENJOY! : )

Curious about HOW to do EFT/Tapping? Tune in below!

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To say that I feel fundamentally changed for the better is an understatement. Every facet of my life has improved because of Jennifer and her work with me. I now enjoy an easy, natural contentment that is both surprising and delightful! The difference is profound.  

The process was at times challenging, but the healing that took place was beyond what I had imagined or could have hoped for. I highly recommend that you dive in, roll up your sleeves and make the commitment to transition from emotionally burdened to emotionally FREE. The process works, on so many levels, and Jennifer is an excellent guide on your personal journey to emotional freedom.  

Karen B  

I will never be able to fully repay or thank Jennifer for her work with me. I grew as a person, came to understand who I really am, let go of so many built-up emotions, and have become so strong. It was definitely the best thing I have ever done for myself! It was worth every penny and I would have paid more! Cristina T.  

Jennifer helped me immeasurably during a time of huge transitions and great stress including separation from my husband, the death of my father, a physical injury, and extra stress at work. When we began, I felt overwhelmed and depressed, physically and emotionally injured. With each visit we unearthed root causes of my fears, anxiety, and traumatic experiences hidden deep within. I was immediately comfortable telling Jennifer my life’s journey. She would ask a few questions and I would find myself easily sharing my darkest secrets and emotional injuries. Sometimes, I would have no idea where the memories came from as I had buried them so long ago. Jennifer was always calm, professional and understanding; never judging me or my experiences. As we moved through our series of appointments, Jennifer provided me with tools to help me endure the continuing changes in my life. Slowly, I could feel myself grounding again – and a new me emerging! Susan D.  

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